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CPC Training with CAE Logistics

Cate at CAE Logistics provides CPC training through RLR Services which is a founder member of  The Driver CPC Consortium

The Driver CPC Consortium has been set up to provide employers with a nationwide network of providers delivering uniform courses to an exceptionally high, consistent standard and is registered with the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT – registration number AC00621) for Periodic Training for PCV and LGV.

CAE Logistics offer half day (3.5 hours) and full day (7 hours) training blocks. So for instance you can schedule five full day release training to make up your 35 hours, spread over whatever time period is appropriate.


How to Book Your CPC Training

CAE Logistics have a portfolio of seven-hour and three-and-a-half-hour courses which allow customers to pick and mix modules to suit their requirements.

5% discount for every extra person you book and pay for – so, if you organise a group of 10, you get 50% off.

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Our Promise

We’ll deliver a meaningful, engaging and dynamic training session encompassing all aspects of CPC training. At all times I try to ensure my training is light hearted but interesting. Working to understand a driver, or firms, specific requirements and tailoring my content to suit ensures that I maximise your return on investment and offer a “value for money” solution to your training needs.


Cate Earl came in to give us our annual CPC training day and all attendees (including myself) were very impressed with both her delivery of the training and her wealth of knowledge. When asked if they would like her to return next year for more training, the decision was a unanimous ‘yes please’.
— Mark Daly, Project Manager, Wasdell Packaging Ltd, Swindon

About Us

Cate Earl - Founder and Owner

I passed my class 2 in 2001 to move my horses about, then got carried away.  I now have a class 1 licence with HIAB and ADR, a manager’s CPC and DGSA.  Now I don’t have time to move horses about!

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Our Courses Cover -

·      Vehicle Defect Checks and Reporting

·      Drivers’ Hours’ Regulations

·      Digital Tachographs – Theory

·      Drivers’ Hours’ Record Keeping

·      Safe Manual Handling

·      Vehicle / Personal Accident Reporting / Recording

·      Transport Security

·      Vehicle Safe Loading

·      Driver Safety Induction

·      Safe & Efficient Driving

·      Driver Compliance

·      Customer Care

·      Managing Conflict & Difficult Situations

·      Drivers’ Health & Welfare

·      Digital Tachographs – Practical with Simulator

·      Operator Licencing Awareness

·      Hazard Perception & Road Safety

·      The Highway Code

·      Banksman Training

·      Vulnerable Road Users

·      Minibus Driver Safety


Driver CPC Training

The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) was introduced to the UK through EU Directive 2009/59.  It is a qualification that all lorry, coach and bus drivers will need if they wish to drive professionally. Training to achieve this qualification is available locally with CAE Logistics (see details below).

The Driver CPC has been introduced to improve the skills and knowledge of professional drivers.

Its aims are to target certain areas for development, which include:

• Improving road safety;
• Recognising, underpinning and developing the knowledge and skills that are needed for a professional driver to undertake their duties;
• Keeping drivers up to date with new legislation applicable to them (including drivers’ hours and digital tachographs);
• Raising the profile and professionalism of drivers and the transport industry.


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Additionally courses can be run in-house providing customers can release sufficient drivers.  Costs are available on request.  Drivers attending block courses will be entitled to a 20% discount off the daily (seven-hour) price. 

Once drivers have attended an approved Driver CPC course, their details are recorded on the DSA database.  As soon as 35 hours training has been completed the driver will receive their Driver CPC licence directly from DSA. 

It is a legal requirement that drivers must carry their Driver Qualification Cards at all times when driving a vehicle covered by the regulations.  Failure to produce the certificate at the roadside could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Initial Training 

Initial Training applies to drivers who first passed a vocational driving entitlement after 10 September 2008 for PCV Drivers and 10 September 2009 for LGV Drivers. Such drivers may not drive commercially unless they have a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).


Periodic Training

Periodic Training covers drivers who held a PCV / LGV licence prior to these dates or who have completed their initial DQC since then. These drivers must complete 35 hours of training over a five year period. For drivers who obtained their vocational licence prior to the dates above, the first deadline was 9th September 2014. Once they received a DQC they will need to undertake another 35 hours training between 10th September 2014 and 9th September 2019. This cycle then repeats every five years.

For newly qualified drivers they have until the expiry date on their DQC to complete the next 35 hours.