Additionally courses can be run in-house providing customers can release sufficient drivers.  Costs are available on request.  Drivers attending block courses will be entitled to a 20% discount off the daily (seven-hour) price. 

Once drivers have attended an approved Driver CPC course, their details are recorded on the DSA database.  As soon as 35 hours training has been completed the driver will receive their Driver CPC licence directly from DSA. 

It is a legal requirement that drivers must carry their Driver Qualification Cards at all times when driving a vehicle covered by the regulations.  Failure to produce the certificate at the roadside could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Initial Training 

Initial Training applies to drivers who first passed a vocational driving entitlement after 10 September 2008 for PCV Drivers and 10 September 2009 for LGV Drivers. Such drivers may not drive commercially unless they have a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).


Periodic Training

Periodic Training covers drivers who held a PCV / LGV licence prior to these dates or who have completed their initial DQC since then. These drivers must complete 35 hours of training over a five year period. For drivers who obtained their vocational licence prior to the dates above, the first deadline was 9th September 2014. Once they received a DQC they will need to undertake another 35 hours training between 10th September 2014 and 9th September 2019. This cycle then repeats every five years.

For newly qualified drivers they have until the expiry date on their DQC to complete the next 35 hours.